Materia – Website Intro

Materia is an online NFT gallery featuring diverse artworks from multiple artists.

The Parisian studio Golgotha envisioned an identity that showcases the gallery's variety through multiple "M" symbols. We worked together on creating that would bring that concept to life.

Our goal was to showcase the seamless transformation of these logos while taking viewers on a virtual journey through an imaginative museum, inspired by the works of Zaha Hadid.

I mainly worked on the animation part, creating the animatic and working on the simulation of the logo transformation in Houdini.


Art direction




Creative direction – Golgotha
Art direction – Golgotha, Ulysse Luque, Benoît Texier
Motion design & 3D – Ulysse Luque, Benoît Texier, Thibaut Iturra
Sound design – Egon Elliut


Golgotha, the studio that directed the project, crafted a collection of vector-based "M" symbols as the main concept of Materia's identity.


We kicked off the process by crafting a precise animatic. I worked on  carefully choosing the "M" symbols that would seamlessly transition in 3D while also defining the rhythm and duration of the video.

Once the desired timings were established, we transformed the selected logos into 3D models and integrated them into Houdini, renowned for its powerful simulation solvers.

After numerous trial-and-error attempts, we successfully achieved a gratifying animation. The final technical hurdle involved ensuring that the newly transformed shapes retained sharpness after the ferrofluid-inspired transitions.