Motion Motion Awards – Promotional video

When I was working as the co-founder of Bumo with my buddy Ulysse, we got a call on May 6, 2023, that changed our world upside down: we had just won the Jury Prize at the Motion Motion Festival in Nantes for our teaser Le Motion Club.

This mini-film is actually a true account of what unfolded that day. Yeah, we're not exactly proud of everything, but hey, vulnerability is part of the deal.

What began as a humble R&D project on Polycam quickly snowballed into something really exciting: a heartfelt tribute to the gems of our childhood, the beloved video games of the '90s and 2000s.

By embracing the specific aesthetics of that era, with all the glorious aliasing, low-res textures, and wonky animations, we had a blast recreating a cinematic style reminiscent of the iconic Grand Theft Auto cutscenes. And, of course, we sprinkled it with healthy doses of self-deprecation and humor.






Direction, design & animation – Ulysse Luque, Benoît Texier
Sound design – Buddy


The project kicked off as an R&D endeavor exploring photogrammetry, a technology that transforms real-world objects into 3D models, using Polycam to successfully generate 3D avatars.

With a bit of fine-tuning in Blender, we achieved the desired result: a nod to the iconic character aesthetics of the '90s and '00s video game era.

After taking numerous photos of ourselves from various angles, the application generated textures along with the 3D models. We intentionally reduced the quality of the textures to mimic the graphical style of old video games.


Using Adobe Mixamo was a no-brainer to quickly assess the effectiveness of the storytelling, enabling us to test a wide range of animations on our digital avatars in a seamless and speedy process.

The resulting wonky animations perfectly complemented the art direction we aimed for in the film.

Drawing inspiration from the distinct era of the 90's and early 2000's, especially Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto III, we aimed to set our story within an old school video game-inspired environment, intentionally incorporating highly aliased, low-resolution, low polygon visuals.

Additionally, we delved deeper into the game modding world to extract original game models and incorporate them into our scene.